Reverse Ad Marketing

Don't want to pay for ads? Reverse engineer the ad process using this telephone script!

The Safe Seller Financing brochure mentioned in the video as well as numerous other training videos and downloadables can be found in the Finding Cash Flow Notes Training!


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Great information

How can I download the “brochure” that you mentioned?

  • staff

    The Safe Seller Financing brochure mentioned in the video as well as numerous other training videos and downloadables can be found in the Finding Cash Flow Notes Training. These are the “free preview” videos to give people some help in deciding if the course is right for them.

the video is good, but you left out some other sources for possible leads. please include these leads in the next video. thank you.

  • Glad you liked the video. It is just one technique that we use in a marketing campaign comprised of Ads, Direct Mail, Professional Referrals, Online Marketing, and Building Your Brand. We go into great detail on all sources with over 40 videos, handouts, and ready to use examples in the training course. Our free video course was designed to share information about the cash flow business and give you a feel for our style of teaching.

I have enjoyed your video presentations…well done! I have been studying the Cash Flow Business for sometime now as a result of Dalbey Education. I am just about finished with their Protege Training Program. I have found, in my opinon, that their Finding Note Easy procedure is not so “easy”. I am pleased to have found you folks and would appreciate your advice as to a course of action. I have a Website in work, a LLC Company in formation and am actively looking for Notes to process. E-mail:

  • Hello Art! Thanks for the feedback. If you are happy with your results then keep working the same marketing plan. If you are looking for some additional proven ideas then we suggest our Finding Cash Flow Notes Training Course (details can be found under the Get Started Tab at the top far right). We can honestly say we provide 10x the information for 1/10th the cost plus we back it with our 60 day guarantee. Fred and I are personally in the online training area answering questions on a daily basis. We’d love to have you join us. Whatever you decide – welcome to the cash flow business and we wish you much success.

I have to tell you, this is great advice! One question though! How can I get ahold of a Safe Seller Financing brochure?

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    The Safe Seller Financing brochure can be found in the training (along with our ready-to-use marketing materials, a ton more videos and downloadables). I hope the free videos gave you an insight to the industry and the quality of our training!

sounds really great!

great way never thought of it, and until i sell a note, i am on unemployment

Sounds like a good way to start!

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    Although sometimes not an “exclusive” lead, it is a great way to “test the waters” without spending a lot of money!

    Be sure to download the “script!”

Very Good Information just getting started,thanks