Presenting Offers

Ever wonder where the money goes? Well, here is a great overview to show you basic deal structuring (from Finding Cash Flow Note Training).

In reality, there are numerous ways to structure a deal and create a win-win for everyone involved. This is actually one of my favorite parts.

How much do you offer? How should you structure the deal? How much money should you make? Get answers to these questions and download the Presenting the Offer pdf below the video. Sample Offer Letters and Purchase Agreements as well as many other training videos are available in our training course.


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Wow I never thought about the round scenario. It does sound more realistic quoting figures to the penny. And also the follow up is important. Makes you sincere.

Great information for a ten minute video! I’m sure I’ll watch this one more than once to keep the right perspective when negotiating offers. Thanks a bunch!

Wow this was great too! I need to come back and listen to this one again! Thanks!

  • staff

    Glad you liked it!

Good Information and Tips-Thanks

Presenting the Offer Part 2 won’t start, Part 1 very informative..Thanks

  • staff

    Thanks Barb. The remaining videos (over 40 in all) are in the training. These videos are a preview to give you an idea of the quality of the training (as well as a good overview of the industry).

    The training has downloadables, forms, and marketing materials you can use today. We also check in on a daily basis and answer questions.

    Hope that helps!

I was told by someone that about the highest you would want to go on a commission is 8%. That way you can always come down on your commission. I can see where this would give me some play room in negotiating. Did I spell that right? tee hee

  • staff

    Although I have never gone strictly off a percentage, 8% would not be a bad place to start with. However…

    I very VERY rarely negotiate my fee (I cover this a lot more in the training). If you have done all the pre-work, you should be presenting an offer that you know the seller will accept (or a pretty good idea they will). I like to put a NET number on the table that includes my fee and closing cost, etc (and seldom make it a negotiable item).

    Choose a fair fee and you often won’t have to change it.

What if you could set a percentage on the smaller amount “Like Say” 10% from 50,000 up to 100,000 and 15-25% at 100,000 and above, would that be reasonable?

  • staff

    If you are talking about how to best determine your fee, I think you are better off looking at a percentage on the whole deal.

    On average, consultants make 3-6% on the INVESTED amount.

    Certainly there are some great ways to increase your fee (by owning part of the note, keeping payments for yourself, etc – strategies like that we cover in the training).

    Hope that helps!