Target Market

So now that we covered an "overview" of the Note Industry in Myths and Facts, let's dive in a bit further!
Who should you be targeting when it comes to Finding Cash Flow Notes?

What are the 5 best strategies for finding notes?

It may seem obvious, but narrowing your scope can really make the difference in how much money you make.  Plus it saves you a whole lot of wasted time and marketing dollars.
This video, called The Target Market, is sure to get you going in the right direction!

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What a great information! there’s only one main concern about your course; “building a website”, 90% of the people that would like to get involve in the note business are in their 40s + and would prefer to get an already build site that provide specific information about the note industry to the sellers and buyers as well. Not everyone is tech savvy this days and that building a website would be a major road block in your course, even if your building a website step by step is simple.

As you guys mention this is a very profitable business but it’s not easy as it sound and having to build the website it will make it even more complicated. Having a site for students would be a great plus, even if you have to raise the price of your course a little bit.

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    We do have note websites available. We thought about including in the course, but we have many people that already have a site…didn’t seem fair to charge them more. We are working on a “bundle price” to help save people money. – Contact us directly and we can give you the details. (

Ohh yes, this was great! Thanks!

I liked the presentation for its clear guidance however, as most things are: easier said the done. I will take the training

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    I think, for the most part, most people are not afraid of “work.” They just want to know that they are getting quality information and are working in the right direction. Nothing happens overnight – but with targeted hard work, comes results. Thanks for the comment!

very interesting, target your market rather than advertising everywhere.

  • Target marketing is crucial to running an effective campaign for finding cash flow notes. It is one of the areas where we see many note finders get frustrated with their efforts and waste valuable time and money. Two things we all want to avoid! Thanks for sharing your comments.

So far I love this. Boy do I have a story to tell about my disappointments with winning in the cash flow business.

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    Thanks for the comment. I can tell you that some people make the business sound easy. No business is get-rich-quick. Any legitimate business requires work. I hope the free videos help give you some ideas you can use today! – Let us know if you have any questions.

Your videos are very informative and helpful. I am going to be taking your online training course. Thank you for the information.

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    You are very welcome! Thanks for the comment!

The Target Market video won’t start. I would really like all the info I can get on things before signing on with someone else…I don’t have the money to keep investing right now, but definitely sounds better than Dalbey’s, Is being on a National Directory advisable?

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    Frankly, as a broker, I don’t think being on a “National Directory” buys you much of anything. Notes are found by your marketing efforts…not hoping the seller stumbles on to some directory.

    As for the video…Just checked on our test computers and it worked. Best Solution: Try making sure your Internet browser is up to date.

Obviously, direct mail is a great tool for finding seller financed notes. How do we create a list of leads though? I know you endorse Fidelity National Data Service but is that really a one-stop source for an accurate list of “virgin” note owners? How did you approach the task of creating a direct mail list in your corporate setting as well as when you first started your home based business?

  • Great Questions Rob!

    There are several companies that supply lists of seller financed names. We cover the pros and cons of working with each of the top 4 list providers in the Finding Cash Flow Notes Training. (We also tell you which ones to avoid).

    We explain the “Do It Yourself” List Building strategy (but there is only one time we recommend the DIY approach).

    We even provide marketing samples, our best performing letter, response rates, mailing frequency, and a budget calculator.

    I’m not trying to over-hype the Direct Mail section but I truly know it is the most detailed material available for finding cash flow notes (and for a one-time cost of $97 it is an incredible bargain). You can click on the “Get Started” tab for more course details!

Seems to me the hardest part of this business is the finding of good viable notes. I see plenty of advertising to buy, and sell. I’m willing to put in the hard work and am motivated, but skeptical of the possibility of making a full time income even working full time. Typically, how long would it take to build a full time business?

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    I agree with Tracy. Everyone is different in what constitutes “full time” income. I would say take your annual income need, divide by 12.

    That shows how much you “need” per month. Since you should make $1000-$2500 per deal, that should also tell you how many deals you need to close.

    Unless you have a deal sitting right in front of you now, figure 60-90 days to get one going. But again, that is just a ballpark. Hope that helps.

  • That does help.. I just want to succeed at this because I cant do this corporate live in fear or become homeless work lifestyle anymore.. it just doesnt feel natural.

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