Finding Cash Flow Notes: Myths and Facts

This video gives a great overview on all the "players" in a private note deal plus clears up some confusion about the cash flow industry.
In the coming days we will be releasing more helpful videos and will be sure to let you know when they are ready to view!

Not only are the videos loaded with content, they also provide a place to ask questions and even include a few downloads you can use right now!  
So, keep an eye out! There are more free videos on the way!

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This video was very informative and interesting. I have had a course for this for quite awhile and am hoping to learn alot more from your videos especially on finding notes. Thank you! TCW

Great introductory video to a industry I am very interested in joining. However, the video keeps glitching at the 4:49 mark and I would love to hear the rest of it. Any suggestions?

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    Strange – What kind of glitch (freeze?). Could be a buffer issue. Is it always the same place. Try pausing the video and let the buffer get ahead.

I am involved with Russ Dalbey’s Winning in the Cash Flow Business which is now under scrutiny. This includes my website. What happens with that?
I also have the necessary docs for holders and buyers which you submit to them and they have the buyers. I have been in this for 3 months now, finally got a noteholder about a month ago, submitted the info twice and no response as of yet. My note holder probably thinks I’m pretty lame.
I have spent a pretty good amount of money in additional things with Dalbey’s Institute, marketing and materials, done lots of mailings and pretty much have gotten nowhere. Dalbey institute has other courses to help you learn more but costs hundreds to thousands of dollars, I think I may have been taken.
With this course, do we have to submit our note holder info through you and you submit to buyers or do we get a list of buyers. Is this $97 totally just a 1 time fee or is there more to purchase down the road?
I also have a LLC now and am included in a national directory, which was pretty costly as well…am pretty broke now and should I quit or will I need to quit Dalbey’s where I have my website, which is included in the National Directory, then what?
Am in a quandry.

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    There are several people out there that sell courses and information, we recommend that you always do your homework before paying anybody for information.

    That is also why we have created these free videos to help you decide.

    We get many students from other programs that have been amazed by the quality of information we have provided in our training.

    Good Luck!

  • Boy,O’ Boy are you right. I spent over12,000 dollars o n Russ dalbey. And all they sell is information. I Need more than than that. You seem to be the the right company I can finally get a serious start in the note business. I appreciate the information sofar. Thank , Ringo Montana

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Should i only target owner financed properties with no tenants in them…or without?

  • You can target all types of owner financed notes. The key is spending the bulk of your time marketing for notes that are most likely to be purchased by note buyers. In general a note buyer prefers a note where the buyer lives in the property but they will look at investor type deals if the equity and seasoning make sense. Understandably Note buyers avoid notes secured by vacant properties so some type of occupancy is important. This is covered in much more detail in the Finding Cash Flow Notes Training!

The course sounds great. How long are the videos that are in the course?

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    The course videos are solid (usable) content and vary depending on the subject matter. They average around 15-20 minutes.

    There are also many items that can be downloaded for your own use (such as marketing materials).

    Hope that helps.

video did not work

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    Double checked the videos and they seem to be ok. If you still don’t see anything try double checking your software (media player) is up to date.


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    Thanks. Lots more on the way!

I am very interested in educating my self about this industry.

hi. i know this is a wonderful business to get into-and to help people to get into a home, i am about helping people and my hard work will bring me my reward!

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    I think it is the only business (financial related) where everybody wins.

    The Funder gets a Note (to invest in) the seller gets a lump sum of cash and the consultant gets a great referral fee!

Great Info! It really upfront and direct.

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    Thanks! We didn’t hold anything back :) Lots more info in the upcoming videos!

Very interesting……

My name is Larry Davis and I hate to say this! But you are right! Cashflow notes is not easy to find if you do not know what you are doing. A lot of homeowners do not know what we are talking about when we tell them they can receive cash for their note, some think it is illegal in some states. Instead of saying you have a right to sell your cashflow note, you have to say promissory note. A lot of mortgage companies like to keep “Client” privileged information like a doctor are something! I love you guys videos, I know it will clear a lot of Questons and Mistakes that was presented by a lot of money hungry “Webinar Gurus” who is only out for the big bucks. ( No Offense ) but true!

I have to try it to see

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    It is always a good idea to check out a course before you buy. I am sure you will find this video series helpful in making your decision.

I live in Canada. Does this make a difference?

  • Sorry to say I live in Alabama USA

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    Plenty of notes in Alabama as well!

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Simply awesome, thank you.

do you need money to start doing this

  • most sellers do not know how to set up any kind of aa note, iam not a realtor any suggestions to help a seller, as i seem to lose them at this point as i can not create a note for them. How do you advise to work with reverse ad masrketing? thanks, Tom

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    Hey Tom, thanks for the question!

    First off, you have to maintain a distance from a “yet-to-be-formed” deal. Assuming you are not a realtor, attorney, or mortgage broker. That said, I like to give examples of note sales. There are some general guidelines we go over as far as they should get XX down payment, look for a certain credit score (if possible), don’t make the note too short of term, etc, etc.

    As far as Reverse Ad Marketing, I am really looking (or hoping to find) deals that they already have. Oftentimes targeting this group you will find that they have been doing notes for some time. Those (seasoned) notes are the ones that I am ultimately after.

    Hope that helps.

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The sound was not audible at all! Couldn’t hear a thing..

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    Thanks LKS. What were you listening on? A computer or Mobile device? This is the first we have heard about a sound issue from anyone. Thanks!

do you thing cold calling works VS other marketing methods?

  • Hi Ihave a question regarding how you work when getting a note deal. Even if you are brokering the note, do you use a contract yourself and then asign it later

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    People do both. When I was brokering, I used to get the initial “agreement” signed by the seller to me. When the closing docs came, I had those going directly to the funder (at that point I did not have problem the seller knowing who they were). I always said from the beginning that I deal with several funders and would try and get them the best price.

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