Finding Cash Flow Notes: Myths and Facts

This video gives a great overview on all the "players" in a private note deal plus clears up some confusion about the cash flow industry.
In the coming days we will be releasing more helpful videos and will be sure to let you know when they are ready to view!

Not only are the videos loaded with content, they also provide a place to ask questions and even include a few downloads you can use right now!  
So, keep an eye out! There are more free videos on the way!

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Thanks for the Presentation. I look forward to more Videos and further understanding the Note Business…

  • staff

    You are welcome. Enjoy the other videos and let us know if you have any questions!

Finally someone that’s truthful about the business! We have our company set up as Finder.Is it feasible that we work with Note buying financial institutions or real estate investors who buy notes,as well? Thank you.

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    Very much so! Although some Funders will only work with “Brokers,” many of them will work with Finders and do all the closing work. It is just a matter of learning their screening process (as oppose to sending them every deal that comes across your desk). In the end, 80% of this business is learning how to find notes !

I have tried several times to view the videos’ with no success,I checkemy browser,updated it, and still can’nt view the video’s for whatI hear others saying about the video’s it must be just what I need to see. I am a Russ student, but luck for me have managed to get my first note the first week I tried at it, It haven’t closed yet> I’m a DIY that’s how I got this note,however,I am willing to try your training, but first I need to check out your video’s. Hopefully I can get it up soon.. Thanks Mortgage Note Reliever..

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    Sent you an email from our Help Desk to see if I could help.

Aside from the fee to the note finder, are there other fees such as closing costs? and who is responsible for this fee?

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    There are closing costs associated, but they can be handled in a couple ways.

    Most brokers quote to the seller “NET” – no closing costs to them.

    This is done one of two ways. Either the Funder is paying all closing costs OR the broker covers the costs out of proceeds.

    If you are the broker (and going to cover the closing costs, BE SURE to include that in your quote – ie: build in enough of a fee.)

    There are some great ways to save $$ on closing but too much info to go into here.

Im interested. I have already submitted some notes to another network without sucess. So lets go!

  • staff

    You are in the right place…a ton of info here!

Hi … I too was a Russ Dalbey student … became disillusioned by all of the sales pitches … You have renewed my interest in pursuing a career in this industry … thank you for such a straight forward clip …

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    Thanks! We have been thrilled with the overwhelming positive comments from people that have taken the training.

    We set out to create the best, real world, note training in the market today – and we did just that!

    We are inside the training modules every day checking updates and answering questions. It is a lot of fun to interact with so many people.

    Let us know if you have any questions!

Excellent points. Where is the next video?

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    Hello Cindy, when you first sign up, you get one every day!

I’m interested in more info on what you have to offer so far as this note busness i’m Russ Dalbey student and i just don’t have all the thousands of dollars hie coaching program offer that’s why i’m in the note busness to gain a better income…so can you send me an e-mail with any new updates on notes and the video was great.

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    Be sure to watch all the free videos! That should give you a good idea of the quality training we have!

please let me know how to review any new videos you have released

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    You will automatically receive an email for each video! Enjoy!

great information, how do I get an account?

  • Hello David! Just click on the “Get Started” Tab at the top right of this page. Thanks for the feedback and we look forward to seeing you in the training!

Looking forward to the other videos!!!

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    More coming!

I just want to say that after checking out your website and watching two of your videos, I think you guys are the best. Your methods and the way you convey the much needed information is unique and is the best I’ve come across anywhere. Because of this I will be purchasing your course this week. Please, please, please, keep up the good work.

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    Thanks for the comments! We tried really hard to not hold anything back!

Thank you so much for the viedos maybe I can locate a note and close a deal. Once again thank you

The Myths & Facts video was helpful. However, there aren’t any other videos on this page. They all say “coming soon”. When will the videos be available? Thanks.

  • staff

    Not to worry, you will receive an email each day for the additional videos!


Thank you so much for making this information available at no expense. I have purchased this program and I began to get lost because the mentors Russ provides for you are so expensive. Thousands of dollars. I almost gave up until I ran into your information. I really appreciate this info. Please keep up the generosity. It’s very encouraging to know that I am on the right path.

I appreciate your honest and forwardness. Much respect….

Did I already found a cash flow note for $700,000,000.00 when I already list a cash flow note to the Publishers Clearing House contest which was last week so now what happens now this week?

  • Wow…I’m thinking (or hoping) you are using a bit of sarcasm. The average seller financed note is under $100,000 and secured by real estate. Anything in the 700 million range sounds too good to be true or part of the clearing house sweepstakes :) We built our business on the average deal and teach the same methods to students. So this week it is back to marketing, marketing, and more marketing!

first of all how i can start my own business in finding notes. what is the first step to find notes

  • staff

    Check out all of the free videos in this free mini-course. If you think it is something you are interested in, check out the full training.

I think you need to provide more specific information about becoming a notes broker in California. I paid for some basic study material on notes from other State and did some research. The different offered materials would say on promotion, you don’t need a license, but then we are finding out that California is an exception to the rule. It would be good to make it clear when the issue is licensing.

  • Hello,

    You are right. California is one of the few states with very specific laws relating to being a note broker. We address these issues in the training and we have also printed an article on the subject for public viewing on our newsletter site The article also includes links to the CA Department of Real Estate information.

    While we can’t give specific legal advice (we are not attorneys) we try to be sure students have access to the information they will need to make informed decisions.

Followed you when you were with Met, waiting for your reverse ad marketing stratigies, need help with that will watch for your video, as want to see how you would work with a seller if your not a licensed realtor

  • staff

    Thanks. Enjoy the video and let us know if you have any questions (some of what you are asking I answered in your other post below).