Finding Cash Flow Notes: Myths and Facts

This video gives a great overview on all the "players" in a private note deal plus clears up some confusion about the cash flow industry.
In the coming days we will be releasing more helpful videos and will be sure to let you know when they are ready to view!

Not only are the videos loaded with content, they also provide a place to ask questions and even include a few downloads you can use right now!  
So, keep an eye out! There are more free videos on the way!

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this was flippin awesome, a real eye opener and an inspiration. I am ready to work hard to get a business going.

I am looking to buy deals

It was very good for new guy,Thanks

i have some training can i just present the deal to you for a profit/?

  • staff

    You can submit a deal to us (or you can also look up other Funders directly on

I like your realistic experiences you share on this video, there is no hype in it

i want to know everything about notes i have 20 + years in mortgage banking and real estate

  • staff

    You are in the right place! Be sure to check out all the free videos!

Hello, I purchase some information on how to be a note broker from charter financial a few years ago and now i would like to get started referring notes can you tell me if i need a license to do this and what is the best way to get started? Do i need a website to refer notes or can i do this without one. i want to view your videos but i cant hear i want to get started as soon as possible can you help me.

  • staff

    You will need to check on your individual state regarding licensing. Although most states do not have any specific laws, there are a couple. If you are referring notes, the best way to get started is to create a solid marketing campaign. All videos in the course are downloadable. If you can not hear audio on the free preview videos, check that you have the most up top date browser settings.

looking forward to learning more from your videos.

Great Videos!!

Man this was some great info & I’m so happy I found this site. Thanks so much!!

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    Thanks. Be sure to check out the other Free Videos!

Thank you for sharing the information!!

I looked at the overview video andthere is no audio. So I can’t get started with out hearing what is being said. Please fix it. Thank you. Maomao Niko Jr.

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    Sorry you are having trouble with the audio. Every once in awhile someone has a compatibility issue (which is why we made all the videos in the course downloadable).

    There are a couple reasons if you can’t stream sound. 1. Check and make sure your browser is up to date. 2. There is also a small volume button on the bottom right side of the video itself, in addition to your computer of course :)

    Hope that helps you get up to speed.

what if I charge below 8% is that great!

Very Interested!

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    Be sure to watch the other free videos!

  • thanks for the info

I wanted to check out what you quys had to say, show and offer, BUT there is no sound on your site!! Video with no sound = :( Thanks anyway !-((

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    There are a couple reasons if you can’t stream sound. 1. Check and make sure your browser is up to date. 2. There is also a small volume button on the bottom right side of the video In addition to your computer of course :).

    Hope that helps you get up to speed.

great info.

this looks like the real deal

Hi Fred, I truly appreciate your time and expertise regarding myths and facts from your video, I have joined a loan program association that offers some instructions on how to find mortgage notes by direct mail, email and county court houses, however, being a newbie to this industry leaves a lot of unanswered questions. I have downloaded your How to make money in the cash flow business and it was just what doctor ordered, I was able to understand the difference of a good note versus one that would not be of interest to an investor. I plan to order both e-books that you have referred for additional information, thank a million. Milton

  • staff

    Thanks Milton, I really appreciate it.

    The reports give a great overview. I love the new “online video” training format – it really gives us a chance to pass on a lot more information (just like being in person).

    There are a couple more free videos coming your way…(Also, the information in the ebooks you mentioned is in the Finding Cash Flow Notes training under the Get Started Tab – plus a lot more).

    All the best,


Learning more and more about these notes and would like them to be my first buy in my investment business.

  • You are on the right track. We had a long time friend and mentor that always said…“You can make money brokering notes but you get wealthy buying notes!”
    My one suggestion is to learn the ropes on a few deals as a referral and then start buying for your own portfolio. Then you will get a good feel for what an investor requires. This will protect your own investments and make the asset more valuable if you ever decide to sell a note you own.

finding a note seller and the note buyer is the hardest thing. please try to make it easier. thank you.

  • staff

    Well, that is exactly what we strive to help you with! Check out the other videos and let us know if you have any other questions!