Finding Cash Flow Notes: Myths and Facts

This video gives a great overview on all the "players" in a private note deal plus clears up some confusion about the cash flow industry.
In the coming days we will be releasing more helpful videos and will be sure to let you know when they are ready to view!

Not only are the videos loaded with content, they also provide a place to ask questions and even include a few downloads you can use right now!  
So, keep an eye out! There are more free videos on the way!

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Very informative.

I feel that the note business was very well explain, and down to earth. Great video.

Very good….

Very honest and candid.

Hi I sold a c ouple of notes a long time ago and I had a blast doing it I want to buy notes but do not have the money.. Can you assist here?

  • Yes! We provide a Directory of Note Buyers that will pay referral fees on notes. Most people get started brokering before they move into investing.

I bought some leads and they’re working real good but I have the need for investors with more cash to keep these deal flowing. Please give me the names for some principle investors. Thanks

  • Hello! We provide a Directory of Note Buyers as part of the resources in the training. It is also in the bookstore at We update annually and this year we included some great interviews with the investors. You might also want to check out our NoteInvestor Group on LinkedIn.

Great video and thanks for the information. Tried this industry before but got discouraged when the people(funding sources) I worked with always kept whittling my fee down to the bare bones…to increase their take, no doubt. I was new at it then and took what scraps I could get. You’ve renewed my interest. Now I will learn all I can and approach it with more confidence. Thanks, and, I look forward to your other videos..

I am doing a loan for a friend, what is the usual interest rate on these loans?

  • staff

    Usually people start around 10%. Lower if there is a good down payment.

Excellent overview!

sounds interesting

Great Video – Thanks – I have to get on with previous commitments, but I’ll be watching the other videos in the next day or two

Thanks for the video and I’ll watch the others too

That was a great video and i am glad you cleared some things up and thank you and i am willing to learn everything about the business i just want to work for myself and i am trully hungry.

  • staff

    Great and thanks. Be sure to check out the other free videos!

Thanks for all the advise, we are still considering this business because I’m disabled and it sounds like something I can do, learn and work at part time.

is this the same things as a broker whats the difference

  • staff

    There are three players (for the most part). Seller of the Note, a Broker (sometimes called “Consultant”), and the Funder (or Note Buyer). If you have been in the industry you will have worn all three hats depending on the situation.

  • This is great to know, thanks!

Thank you for laying out the facts. In fact I have been a victim of a late night infomercial by Russ Dalby not that I was shy of hard work and wanted to get rich quick but the fact of minimal cost of running this business lured me into it. I feel that your intro has just done justice.

  • staff

    Thanks for the comment. The business is great, but, like any legitimate business, it takes work. We made sure that we didn’t hold anything back when we released our course! Enjoy the videos.

In other words if we find a note, you will help us find an investor to buy the note. Do you also get a percentage of the finder’s fee for helping us??

  • Hello JP! We provide a directory of note buyers in the training. We believe in you going direct to the funders so there is no fee to us when you transact a deal. We are also a note buyer for Notes in Florida and would earn a yield on any notes you might send to us to purchase. However, you are not obligated to bring us the deal and we provide the same list of funding sources we have used for our own note business!

I have never seen your course on line, although I’m very interested. Do you have an email where I can speak or rather correspond with you? I would appreciate any help you could give me, yes I’m very interested. I really loved your video and the lady’s also. I got more out of it than a course I paid for with money I had to borrow. As of this writing I haven’t made any money, because I need the proper training. i know I can do this, because I took the RE course many years ago, and I also work 2 jobs 84 hours a week, for 24 years. I burned myself out, now I need to have a way to pay my rent so I won’t lose my apartment. In the future I would like to have a house, so I don’t have to keep living in an apartment with a nasty landlord, who harrasses me all the time.

Sincerely, JP

  • Hello JP,

    Our email for the training is Inside the member’s area there is a place to post questions under any of the training modules. If you have questions where you would rather talk to us personally you can email or call into the office at 1-888-999-7905.

When I find the deal where do I find the investors?

  • We provide a Directory of note buyers and investors in the training along with interviews and other contact details. You can also develop your own investor contacts through local real estate investment clubs and other networking groups.

do not have any extra money to invest

  • staff

    If you do not have money to buy notes yourself, then you are going to want to “refer” them on to Funders for a fee (that is how I started). Later you can even keep parts of notes as your fee!